Member Benefits

Personal Assistant

What can Personal Assistant do for your business? What does your business need? No matter where you are in the world, no matter what device you use, no matter the time of day – any day – Personal Assistant is standing by to help with customized assistance and expert contact-center service.

Smarter than your average smartphone, Personal Assistant adds security in emergencies, connects you to vital information and helps you handle everyday tasks.

Daily Discounts


Our partner network offers organizations a powerful way to make an impact with their customers and members. It combines the power of over 500 world-class brands with the relevance of local merchants from every community in America.

With a collection of over 300,000 discount providers offers unparalleled value of up to 50% off at the places consumers shop every day, in categories like:

  • Dining & Food
  • Apparel
  • Electronics
  • Hotel & Travel
  • Car Rental
  • Movie Tickets
  • Theme Parks
  • Sporting Events
  • Auto Care
  • And more…

Best Price Promise

The Best Price Promise guarantees that you will get the best fares. Feel free to compare, we bet you won’t find a better deal anywhere else on the web. Included in this benefit is a refund of 110% of the difference should we not be able to meet or beat the competitive price.

Complimentary Flight Insurance

With this benefit, your members will receive $200,000 worth of coverage for every airline ticket purchased through our portal, at no additional costs. This benefit sells for between $18-24 per ticket through other providers.

Coverage includes accidental death or dismemberment that occurs when traveling on, boarding or alighting from a regularly scheduled flight

Airport Lounge Access

RELAX AND ESCAPE THE STRESS OF THE AIRPORT. The intelligent choice for business and leisure. Escape into a place that’s perfect for business and vacations. Our lounges are quiet, connected spaces to relax or work in, with complimentary pre-flight bites and drinks that help you refresh and revive. With Airport Lounge Access benefit, you have access to over 900 airport lounges worldwide.

Baggage Rebate

With this benefit, members are eligible to receive a rebate check for up to $10 per quarter for checked baggage fees paid while traveling via aircraft.

Private Medi-Jet Service

Wherever you are and whatever the medical need, ALERT assures you receive seamless access to the highest level of care.


  • Provides air medical transport to the hospital of your choice.
  • Provides access to worldwide medical and second opinion referrals, consultations and prescription assistance.
  • Operates a state-of-the-art logistics center on alert around the clock.
  • Supplies up-to-the-minute security advisories before you travel and safety assessments while you are away.
  • Arranges international legal referrals.


In the midst of an emergency, reliability and cost should be your last concern. ALERT provides access to unsurpassed quality of care without hidden fees.

  • We cover you at home and while traveling
  • No medical necessity or nearest appropriate facility clauses
  • Pre-Existing conditions accepted
  • There are no financial limitations, claim forms or out of pocket expenses
  • Travel Insurance focuses on trip cancellation and lost luggage. ALERT focuses on taking care of you


ALERT is more than just a membership benefit. We are your advocate every day of the year.

  • Worldwide medical jet transportation, bedside to bedside, to the hospital of choice
  • 24/7 Logistics Center for worldwide medical and second opinion referrals, consultations, and prescription assistance
  • Foreign travel advisories and threat assessments
  • Transport of mortal remains
  • Legal referrals and emergency message relay

Seat Alert & Frequent Flyer Flight Alert

Book the seat you want!

Do you want an aisle seat? Do you want seat no. 13D on your flight? Or you are a Frequent Flyer looking to upgrade your seat? But don’t know whom to approach in the ever increasing complexity of air travel? Well, look no further! Our Seat Alert & Frequent Flyer Flight Alert benefit is there to help you.

For Seat Alert:

You just need to inform us about your flight details and your preferred seat and we will take care of the rest. If your seat is readily available, great! If it’s not, no problem!

You just need to fill a short seat alert form and we will notify you when the seat is available or book the seat for you. Yes! It’s that easy.

For Frequent Flyer Flight Alert:

If you are a frequent flyer and looking for any of the following bookings, we are there to help you:

  • Reward Booking: You want to book the flight with your accumulated miles (taxes extra).

  • Upgrade Booking:

    a) You have purchased the flight ticket and want to upgrade with accumulated miles

    b) You have booked the flight with accumulated miles and want to upgrade with the remaining miles

Just inform us about your preferred flight. If the Frequent Flyer seat is readily available, we can book the seat for you if you wish to. If it’s not available, you just need to fill a simple flight alert form and we will notify you when the seat is available or book the seat for you.

Doc in a Suitcase

What if you could access a doctor 24 hours a day while traveling?

“Doc in a Suitcase” benefit provides members unlimited access to fully accredited and licensed doctors during travel. Using this benefit, members will have real time access to doctor consultations which can be conducted in the comfort and privacy of hotels, resorts, villa and even the beach. Members can contact doctors while on the go by using their phones- via call, online chat, text, email and video-conference. Members can also get advice on overseas illness or recommendations on treatment options and even obtain prescription assistance – from anywhere in the world.

Integrated Marketing

Getting new members is hard and keeping them engaged is even harder. At Custom Travel Clubs, we not only help you with member on-boarding but also help you manage your member relationships through integrated marketing. We have an 8 week educational marketing engagement program that educates members how to unlock and maximize the value of each of our member benefits. Retention drives loyalty, our special partnership will help ensure we achieve both.

24X7 Premier Travel Agent Assistance

At Custom Travel Clubs, we are wholly dedicated to providing outstanding personalized service and completely changing member’s travel and vacation experiences. Our team of travel ombudsman have the members back when traveling, regardless of how or when they purchased their travel. No matter where they are in the world, they will have access to all types of emergency services like medical, legal referrals, on the fly translations.

Luxury Travel Marketplace

We have partnered with big names in the luxury travel category to bring you exclusive discounts of up to 35-40% on luggage, bags and other travel essentials. These discounts apply to current styles, not closeout merchandise.

Multi-Language Member Support

At Custom Travel Clubs, we speak member’s language. All customer support pages like FAQs, guidelines and how-to’s are available in multiple languages. Also, our team of customer care professionals are available 24X7 to answer member queries in their preferred language over their preferred channel- phone, chat or email.

Virtual Currency Program

Virtual currency is one of the most influential marketing tool to increase loyalty among members. Virtual currency allows you to incentivize member activities which helps in new member sign-ups as well as member retention. As part of rewards program to enhance their experience, we provide members different ways to earn and redeem points. Our marketing team can work with your company to come up with the best way to maximize this powerful tool.


Custom Travel Clubs provides a deeper experience opportunity for your customers, turning customers into members and then into brand advocates through our Wonder-Breaks portfolio of experiences.

Most people are nervous of change, of new experiences, new cultures and lands - although they desire them. This is the reason why packaged vacations/holidays and Cruises are so popular; they are safe, they are easy. But often, most travelers are left with a bland and shallow experience.

Custom Travel Clubs’ Wonder-Breaks is different, our Wonder-Breaks Group experiences combine select inclusions, properties, locations and special touches but most importantly they provide opportunity for simple, elective inclusion and immersion.

Our proprietary online platform helps to cultivate a branded socialized experience allowing members to directly collaborate with others on their preferred group travel experience that is bespoke to that interest group.

Active members can inspire, collaborate and even vote on their chosen experience’s inclusions, guided walking tour, night clubbing, paragliding, scuba, hiking or perhaps just where to eat dinner...

From summer time sandy beaches to historical and cultural experiences to winter wonderlands, only our exclusive member’s get to enjoy fully immersive and expert curated group experiences.


Be connected everywhere - on the ground and in the sky!

We live in a world where we are accustomed to being connected to the Internet at all times. It’s almost impossible to go anywhere without wanting to have Internet. Between email, social networks, settling arguments, and chatting with friends, we all feel like the Internet is not optional at this point. We totally understand this. Our service provides what you want on the go: secure, unlimited, global Wi-Fi. With our service, you can connect to Wi-Fi on all your devices-smartphones, tablets and laptops - helping to keep you connected to what matters most when you travel.

Over 60 million hotspots in more than 180 countries can be found in the world's busiest airports, on over 3,000 airplanes, 800 trains and in some of the most popular business hotels around the globe. We also include many of the world's fastest growing community hotspot networks, to give you broad coverage in public venues from ballparks to street-corners in major metropolitan areas.

By connecting your members to this massive global Wi-Fi network while they are on the road, our service gives them the freedom to use the critical business tools essential to getting the job done, while keeping in touch with family, friends and co-workers.