Are Travel Club Memberships Worth It?

Membership clubs have their own privileges but the question is – are they worth the cost? A short answer to this question is a resounding yes! Travel Clubs have emerged out to fulfill the varying needs of all kinds of travelers. We come across certain ads or promotional emails about such clubs. The first question that pops up in our head is – What do they offer? Well, travel clubs offer a plethora of services through their membership plan. As a consumer or retailer, you buy their programs that entitle you to certain benefit inaccessible to the public. Even giants like Hilton or Marriott are merchandising their programs as ‘clubs’. Such is the popularity and demand of Travel Clubs in the recent times.

Every travel club has a certain membership format which is based on two entities – time and cost. Travel Clubs do through researching into consumer habits before making a definite membership plan to offer. So if you are a travel business interested in offering the same to your consumers, then you know that the basic homework is already done by the Travel Club. Travel Clubs have evolved a reputation in the travel industry so customers are naturally drawn to them. Most of the luxury or leisure travelers just can’t do without one. So if you know you got such consumers, a travel club membership is easy to pitch.

Travel membership can be equated with that of real estate. It is like owning something for a specific period of time. Most travel clubs offer flexible membership options with a variety of membership plans to cater to the needs of a variety of travelers. For instance, they may offer accommodation/residence/villa for a specific interval. The interval can be a week or month or more than that. The best thing about travel club membership is that they are not location specific. So you can change your location or trade for a longer interval depending upon your vacation plan. Travel Clubs also offer points on making purchases which can be redeemed in exchange for services.

Consumers receive their money’s worth in due time with the travel club membership. For instance, if a typical travel club membership plan costs around 300$ for a year, then you get sorted for flight and hotel deals, car rental services, cruise trip, medical services and more till the membership expires after a year. If you go via any travel agent to book your airfare or hotel, you will normally be paying him the convenience fee just one time. Generally, you will spend around $100. So definitely a travel club membership fee for a year is a far better deal than paying one-time to a travel agent. Plus, a travel club offers you perks like no other. The best thing that comes with travel club membership is the customer support during your vacation. This is the best feature of travel clubs that make them a great selling point. Think about saving all the money on your trips and at the same time getting the much-needed peace of mind. Backed by technology and innovation, a travel club membership can buy the most ‘wows’ from a consumer’s wallet. Custom Travel Clubs help to design the travel club portal for your business as per your requirements and give you the brand recognition that you need.

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