Asia-Pacific Households to Spend US$5,230 Annually on Overseas Travel by 2025

More than 109 million households in Asia Pacific will plan at least one international trip per year by 2025. More households around the world will be packing their luggage and heading to overseas destinations for annual holidays in the next decade. According to a new Visa report, some 109 million Asia Pacific households are expected to go on an international trip once a year by 2025, up 65 percent from 2015.

Over the same period, Visa’s report found average annual spending by households during a trip is likely to rise 8 percent to US$5,230.

The Report also identified key drivers expected to impact global travel, including a growing middle class, greater internet connectivity, improved transportation infrastructure across many countries and an aging global population with more time for leisure travel.

“Travelling internationally will become more common and attainable in the future thanks to changing demographics, combined with technology advances that make travelling abroad easier and less expensive,” said Wayne Best, Chief Economist, Visa Inc. “What will emerge is an expanding “travelling class” that will spend a growing portion of their household income on cross-border travel. Tomorrow’s travelling class will likely be older and hail from emerging markets – looking very different from today’s typical international traveller.”

In Asia Pacific, households in mainland China (US$255 billion), Hong Kong (US$47.4 billion) and Singapore (US$44.9 billion) are likely to be the top markets with the largest outbound travel spend by 2025. However, emerging markets Indonesia (211 percent), Vietnam (132 percent) and India (101 percent) are likely to experience the sharpest increases in spending.

Rank Market 2015 2025 % increase
1 mainland China US$137.0 US$255.4 86%
2 Hong Kong US$26.7 US$47.4 78%
2 Singapore US$22.5 US$44.9 99%
4 South Korea US$21.1 US$34.3 63%
5 Australia US$22.7 US$30.3 34%
Asia Pacific total US$319.6 US$568.2 78%

Travel spend among top five Asia Pacific markets (according to 2025 values) with households earning US$20,000 or more annually by projected 2025 spend. Figures are based on constant 2015 prices.

Highlights of the global report include:

The Rise of a new Global Travelling Class: Growing income levels around the world is creating a new “travelling class”. The study uncovered that worldwide, households that make at least US$20,000 per year account for more than 90 percent of spending on international travel today. By 2025, it is estimated that nearly half of all global households (945 million) will be within this income range, spurring greater international travel and spending, particularly by households from emerging markets.

Rank Market 2015
1 India 6.8
2 New Zealand 6.7
3 Australia 5.9
4 Philippines 5.0
5 Hong Kong 5.0

Top five Asia Pacific markets with highest average number of countries visited by a Visa credit cardholder in 2015

Global Aging: By 2025, travellers aged 65 and above will more than double their international travel to an estimated 180 million trips, accounting for one-in-eight international trips globally. The study estimates that older travellers will be able to afford longer trips that provide greater comfort at higher prices. Trends such as “medical tourism” whereby aging populations undertake international travel for medical purposes will also take hold in the future.

Rank Market 2015 2025 % increase
1 Mainland China 1,862 7,077 280%
2 Singapore 852 3,451 305%
3 Japan 1,318 2,930 122%
4 Australia 1,073 1,931 80%
5 Taiwan 460 1,599 247%

Top five Asia Pacific markets with the highest number of international trips by 65+ year olds (thousands).

Increasing Connectivity: The combined forces of globalisation and technology are expanding access. Construction of more than 340[1]new airports is expected over the next decade, creating new routes and destinations that will make international travel easier and more convenient. At the same time, awareness of travel options is spreading with the rapid uptake in internet access and the number of mobile devices around the world. Digital connectivity is not only fostering greater spontaneity in travel, but also spurring a broader array of personalised travel and tourism options as well.

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