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Rising Importance of Technology in Travel to Capture the New Online Consumer

The digital revolution has changed the way we buy travel now. The new online travel consumer is smart and empowered. The use of technology is playing a key role in travel planning and the way consumers shop travel. With the growing internet penetration, it is obvious that travel companies need to keep reinventing themselves as […]

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Custom Travel Clubs – Travel Benefits Solution

Custom Travel Clubs addresses the need of increasing loyalty for organizations and their constituents. Travel is the great equalizer, it’s the thing all people want more of. At Custom Travel Clubs, we set out to fulfill that need by offering organizations a turn-key white label system of having their own travel benefits program/travel club that […]

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Evolution of loyalty programs – What travel marketers must learn from it

Travel market is ever-increasing and ever evolving just like its customers. Today’s consumers expect their brand to be highly personalized. And why wouldn’t they? With all the data available, both offline and online, they expect the travel brands to understand their preferences and choices. To better cater to their needs, travel club platforms have come […]

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How Are Travel Clubs Promoting Health and Wellness Tourism?

Simply put, health and wellness tourism is a hot trend. The health niche is among the fastest growing in the travel market. Today the words ‘wellness’ and ‘travel’ are spoken in the same breath. Over the past decade, this trend has boomed and become increasingly diverse. According to a study presented at Global Wellness Summit, […]

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Why Are Travel Clubs Emerging as a Blessing for Solo Sojourners?

Solo travel trend is on the rise. Earlier, vacation used to go hand in hand with family or group of friends. But thanks to the changing economy and the millennials’ trends, solo travel trend has been catching up for all good reasons. Traveling solo allows more freedom to the individual and a greater opportunity to […]

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How Can You Start Your Own Travel Club?

Can’t find a travel club that suits your needs? Create one. Starting your own travel business will give you the freedom to earn on your own terms and channel your adventure spirit rightly. Considering today’s economy, travel club is one of the most lucrative businesses for traveling enthusiasts. A successful travel club requires carefully orchestrated […]

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Wonder-Breaks – Get a group package tailored for you

If you think that planning a group trip requires just a quick and easy point-and-click, then think again. Customizing a group vacation can be a tall order. Just like our shoes or suits, many travelers want their trip made-to-measure. This is why, Custom Travel Club has come up with an exclusive group package like no […]

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Wonder-Breaks – Group Trips Like Never Before

Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them and it will change you.” – Amy Poehler That’s the magic of being in the company of those who share same interests as you do. Traveling alone is not for everyone. Some people want to go on a […]

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Are Travel Club Memberships Worth It?

Membership clubs have their own privileges but the question is – are they worth the cost? A short answer to this question is a resounding yes! Travel Clubs have emerged out to fulfill the varying needs of all kinds of travelers. We come across certain ads or promotional emails about such clubs. The first question […]

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travel club

How is the Rise of Millennials Linked to the Emergence of Travel Clubs

Millennials form a huge chunk of traveler aficionados in the present times. They are the young, energetic and internet-savvy travelers aged between 18 and 34; although age is just a number used by demographers to represent them. Most people who are adventure seekers agree that being a millennial is just a ‘state of mind’. Millennial […]

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millennial travel

Millennial Travel : A look at the modern Millennial Generations’ travel habits

The term ‘Millennial’ is taking the rounds a lot nowadays. It is so because they are the travelers of the new age. Roughly, the term refers to those born between the 1980s and 2000s. This generation makes for the most spontaneous travelers who seek, explore and experience something new to satisfy their wanderlust every now […]

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Loyalty Programs

The changing face of Loyalty programs and their impact on travel industry

The new age traveler is conscious and tech savvy. To meet the demands of such travelers, the travel industry has come up with a new age trend – loyalty programs. These loyalty programs are not just any ordinary travel marketing programs. They are like a new age travel club where every effort is made to […]

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Premium Travel Assistance

Custom Travel Clubs’ Benefit- Premier Travel Agent Assistance

Assistance is a crucial aspect for the success of any travel club business. With rapidly changing dynamics world-wide, assistance is something every traveler looks for in a Travel Club. Whether you are on a road trip or traveling overseas, you might feel the need to get assistance on certain occasions. Custom Travel Clubs provides Premier […]

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Subscription Economy

What are the Key Factors defining the Success of Subscription Economy?

There has been a massive shift in the way businesses run with the advent of a new subscription trend in the business market. This new business environment is termed as ‘subscription economy’ or ‘membership driven economy’. We can see a boom in subscription-based business models everywhere. Today, we would prefer to subscribe to music rather […]

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Luxury Travel Marketplace

Custom Travel Clubs’ Benefit- Luxury Travel Marketplace

According to the new Amadeus report, luxury travel is the fastest growing travel segment. Luxury travel trends are on the rise and are soon going to outpace the existing travel trends by 2025. The luxury travel market is expected to grow by 6.2% which is 1/3rd time faster than the rest of the travel segments […]

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