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Calculate the ROI of Your Travel Club

If you are looking at revamping your Loyalty Program or thinking about launching one but wondering if the price to pay is too high, read on to learn how you can build loyalty while building a new source of revenue stream.

Use this simple tool to calculate your potential revenue: Travel Club ROI Calculator

ROI – Return on Investment – is one of the most common measures of profitability. Simply stated, it is the return you get from a specific investment.

Well-designed and well-managed travel clubs like those built by can give you a profitable return of up to 40%.  How can we do this?  Let’s dig into the numbers.

  1. Starting a membership travel club requires a significant investment of time and money. CTC accelerates startup because we have done this before, actually many times.
  2. Stocking the travel store with great products. After 30 years of travel agencies and online travel companies, we have pre-negotiated contracts with:
    · over 900 airlines and 170+ low cost carriers
    · Over 800,000 hotels and resorts worldwide
    · 100+ rental car agencies
    · 40,000+ activities worldwide
  3. Managing the club, fulfillment, giving 24/7/365 concierge service to members, and handling all the little details that pop up from day to day is part of the package we offer.  Our staff is experienced and always here to offer great service, and peace of mind to members and management.

That’s how you can get ROI of upto 40%. Custom Travel Clubs does the work, you get happier members and customers.  You know what your costs are before deciding what to charge members; you determine what your profit is.  Want a 40% ROI?  OKAY!!!

So, plug in your numbers and we’ll produce a report showing you exactly how a travel club can take your loyalty program to a whole new level.

Click on Travel Club ROI Calculator to calculate your potential revenue flow.

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