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Custom Travel Clubs’ Benefit – Airport Lounge Access

Imagine yourself waiting out at the airport for a long layover. If you are like most people, you probably imagine costly food and drinks, slow Wi-Fi and not quite a workable place to relax. But what if you change the picture and see this as an opportunity for a luxury mini-vacation. Nothing will seem more enticing than the lounge access to upgrade your layover.

In the never-ending list of other amenities, Custom Travel Clubs offers its members a chance to escape the stress from connecting flights by providing the Airport Lounge Access. That’s right! No more brooding over delayed flights. Whether you are on a business or leisure trip, you can always grab a quick bite, rejuvenate yourself and get access to many other premium services. It is the best way to turn your airport experience into a luxury indulgence.

You might have walked past these shiny airport lounges a hundred times, but never really known what lays beyond the glass doors.  Custom Travel Clubs’ members get access to Airport Lounges wherever they travel to. Custom Travel Clubs provides you access to over 900 airport lounges globally. That’s what makes us the go-to choice for business and leisure travelers. With a truly global spread of airport lounges, you can holiday in style and make the most of your membership. A fanciful world of complimentary pre-flight bites awaits with clean bathrooms, ample seating, speedy Wi-Fi and a relaxing space to work. These are just the basics, though. In many select lounges across the world, you can have access to premium services such as sauna, spa, facials, pool, outdoor spaces, Jacuzzis, DJ, and garden.

In the case of flight delay or cancellation, in the worst case scenario, nothing works better than an airport lounge. It is infinitely better within the lounge than struggling with a plethora of issues with other passengers in the main terminal. Needless to say, everyone would want to access these Premium Lounges without buying a first-class or business ticket. The answer is – Custom Travel Clubs’ membership. Discover the world of benefits at the airport and access them at no cost to you as a perk of membership at Travel Clubs. Put this into action by enjoying the several benefits that members can take advantage of –

  • A lounge wherever you go: Make the most of your membership with global access to over 900 lounges wherever your travel takes you.
  • Tranquility and comfort: Sit down, stretch, relax and rejuvenate in comfort like no other before you embark on other flight. You can choose from a huge selection of available airport lounges.
  • Perfect space to work: A speedy Wi-Fi and quiet surroundings are more than perfect to work during those long flight hauls.
  • Keep connected while traveling: With free Wi-Fi and access to power up your devices, you will never be out of touch with your friends and family.
  • Complimentary food and drinks: Enjoy complimentary pre-flight gourmet bites along with drinks to live and breathe luxury even at airports.

Membership does come with privileges at Custom Travel Clubs. The lounge perks are entitled to our members with unlimited access to premium services at one of the posh airport lounges globally.

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