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Custom Travel Clubs’ Benefit- Baggage Rebate

Can I receive baggage reimbursement during my travels? Is there a way that I can get a full refund for my checked-in baggage?

As a traveler, these questions might pop in your head. Well, the answer to these questions is- Yes. Yes, you can get a rebate check for your checked baggage. This benefit by Custom Travel Clubs is exclusively for the travel club members. The Baggage Rebate benefit lets you enjoy the perks of receiving reimbursement for your baggage fees paid while traveling with an airline.

Travel more comfortably now with this member-only benefit exclusively designed for the members of Custom Travel Clubs. Once free, checked baggage is now a multibillion-dollar business for most of the airlines. As a traveler, you might have come across this situation at least once when you have to pay a specific fee as a baggage fee to the airline you are flying with. But if you are a member of Custom Travel Clubs, you are eligible to get a rebate for up to $10 per quarter for your checked baggage.

Whether you are a corporate traveler or a frequent backpacker, you will understand the troubles related to excess baggage. Baggage rebate comes as a blessing if you are always off to somewhere. Imagine you are taking a long flight from US to India and you have plans to explore India for the next six months, you will have to take a lot of baggage with you.  Specially, if you will be taking umpteen number of flights within your vacation destination, your luggage will go everywhere with you. That will come out expensive if you get no rebate on your checked in baggage. That is why, Baggage Rebate comes as a relief for long-term travelers, not to mention that it is super easy to claim. Baggage Rebate benefit is great for people traveling with their entire family or those traveling for medical tourism. As a member of Custom Travel Clubs, we make sure that you can save wherever possible.

This rebate can be easily redeemed by filing up a rebate claim form. Such lesser-known benefits are the reasons why Custom Travel Clubs is the most preferred choice for travelers as well as travel clubs.

Here are the key requirements for claiming your baggage rebate at Custom Travel Clubs –

  • You should be an active member of the Travel Club at the time of your checked baggage fee purchase
  • You need to submit a duly filled rebate claim form to be eligible for this rebate
  • You need to give complete details of the incurred baggage fees by the airline you were flying with

Steps to claim Baggage Rebate:

  1. Download the rebate form from our website or member portal
  2. Calculate the incurred checked baggage fees
  3. Fill up the form with the fees incurred to make a rebate claim. Remember that the claim can be made for checked baggage fees only
  4. Mail the Rebate Form along with your original cash or credit card receipt. These will serve as a proof of costs incurred
  5. Allow us 4 to 6 weeks of time for receipt of baggage check
  6. The rebate will be in the form of $10 check per quarter of the luggage fee

The Baggage Rebate is just one of the plethora of benefits offered by Custom Travel Clubs for their valued members. Enjoy the hassle-free and affordable travel with our exclusive baggage rebate benefit and you can count on us in quickly refunding your money in the form of a check.

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