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Custom Travel Clubs’ Benefit – Daily, Local, Global Discounts

Travel has become a broad term in the changing times which lures everyone from adventurers to luxuriates and anyone in between. Travel has indeed become an essential part of our lifestyle. Look at the statistcs and you will find that travel has emerged as a huge industry standing at 1.1 billion international global travelers in 2014. (Source) It won’t be an exaggeration to say that travel is the latest fad. That’s why, travel clubs appeal to those with itchy feet as well as those looking for lifestyle offerings.

There are every kind of travelers from backpackers to business travelers and local explorers to holidaymakers. The core proposition of every travel club is to ensure their members feel at home wherever they go. That’s why, it is important for Travel Clubs to ensure that there are some daily benefits tied with the discounts on the go. The members look for benefits beyond travel which come broadly under Travel Lifestyle benefits. These benefits include daily, local and global discounts for all types of travelers.

Custom Travel Clubs offers an array of benefits that encompass every aspect of travel such as food, entertainment, hotel, infotainment, culture, luxury indulgences and more. The members look forward to enjoying the way as much as the destination. Custom Travel Clubs cater to all its customers and members with a host of lifestyle offerings from over 500 world-class brands spread across the world.

All these travel benefits are particularly attractive to luxury and corporate travelers. These benefits inspire every traveler to hop on the plane and enjoy the exclusive member-only discounts across all major establishments. Whether you are dreaming of scenic hills, white sand beaches, unique wine tours or adventure sports, the Custom Travel Clubs’ membership has everything needed to enhance your travel experience.

Custom Travel Clubs lets you access extraordinary benefits that offer incredible travel and shopping experience with exceptional savings. These benefits are curated for individuals who desire extensive travel, leisure and lifestyle benefits for themselves. Custom Travel Clubs has an extensive collection of 300,000 discount providers which offer up to 50% discount at all major places where consumer shop every day in various categories such as –

  • Food and dining
  • Leisure
  • Infotainment
  • Entertainment
  • Hotel and travel
  • Apparel
  • Travel accessories

In the ongoing climate of emerging cost-cutting measures, travel lifestyle benefits offer a truly result driven solution. These diverse range of offers appeal to every traveler. For any traveler, the cost of travel is an issue that needs to be in control. Custom Travel Clubs’ benefits and discounts assures that the travelers enjoy various offerings at an absolute lowest price. The discounts spanning local and global travel can make travel planning extremely cost-effective.

Local and global discounts on entertainment and food combine well with other aspects of travel to deliver an experience like no other. Being a member, you can be rest assured that we cover almost everything when we talk about ‘travel’. The options are wide-ranging yet simple with unlimited access to unbeatable savings for the members.

Custom Travel Clubs are the leading B2B membership based travel club fulfillment company that creates, operates and helps market travel clubs for brands and organisations around the world. We provide white label travel club platforms & solutions.

Custom Travel Clubs has partnered with the best in the industry to provide best deals on travels to the members. Our Loyalty program provides the best rewards, benefits and savings to the members. We make it easy for members to save on travel so that they can take the vacations that matter. See the full list of all the travel benefits we provide.

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