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Custom Travel Clubs’ Benefit- Integrated Marketing

Travel Clubs have shown an immense growth and potential over the last couple of years. They have changed the way people take vacations and travel. Building your own branded travel club to tap into this growing opportunity makes a lot of sense. But once you have built your travel club, it is very important to market the travel club membership among travelers to gain loyalty and trust for a lifetime. Your mission is to provide your customers with the greatest travel bargains without any compromise on the quality of the product that you are selling. This is why Custom Travel Clubs help you to stick to this maxim and achieve success with the help of integrated marketing.

For any travel club to meet its objectives, it is important to keep on getting new members and maintain a steady growth. Getting new members is not much of a task as compared to what goes in keeping them engaged. Custom Travel Clubs understands this crucial aspect of marketing and helps your travel club manage member relationships with realistic marketing efforts. We help your business attract new customers as well as successfully convert them into long-term members.

With our targeted marketing, we drive retention and loyalty among the members. Every effort is maintained to target certain segments of travelers and promote your travel club membership to develop a solid customer base. Our marketing strategy aims to cover all aspects of the travel club benefits for the members and position your business as a differential provider of luxury travel. We understand the challenges in setting up a successful travel club platform. This is why Custom Travel Clubs helps you with member on-boarding and managing your members. We help you create unique credibility rapport among the travelers and offer them the travel club membership as a ‘product with value.’

According to the stats, travel is an industry worth 7 trillion dollars per year and is doubling by the end of 2016 (Source). So consider this as an opportunity to be a part of this revolution with a business model that is simple yet incredible. The best thing is that you will always have our support. Our innovative marketing strategies combine your business with a powerful website that will not only attract new members but will strive to create ‘customers for life’.

You will receive all the support and training to incorporate proven techniques to help your business flourish and reach new heights. We run an 8-week educational marketing engagement program for the members to educate them about the various aspects of member oriented benefits. The members will know how to unlock the member benefits and get the maximum value out of them. Support and networking is a priceless resource to create an amazing business and we offer you to take the advantage of this untapped opportunity. We will provide you support in building  the best travel club that attracts high-quality and long-term members.

Custom Travel Clubs are the leading B2B membership based travel club fulfillment company that creates, operates and helps market travel clubs for brands and organisations around the world. We provide white label travel club platforms & solutions.

Custom Travel Clubs has partnered with the best in the industry to provide best deals on travels to the members. Our Loyalty program provides the best rewards, benefits and savings to the members. We make it easy for members to save on travel so that they can take the vacations that matter. See the full list of all the travel benefits we provide.

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