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Custom Travel Clubs’ Benefit- Luxury Travel Marketplace

According to the new Amadeus report, luxury travel is the fastest growing travel segment. Luxury travel trends are on the rise and are soon going to outpace the existing travel trends by 2025. The luxury travel market is expected to grow by 6.2% which is 1/3rd time faster than the rest of the travel segments combined. (Source) This is why, it is the best time to tap into the luxury travel market hotspots.

Before we take a leap, it is important to understand the expectations of the luxury travelers and serve them accordingly. The new wave of luxury travelers thrives on highly lucrative experiences and indulgences and the trend will accelerate over the next ten years. This is definitely a good news for the luxury travel marketplace. What is more important is to present them with a curated, real-time and experience-led luxury during their travels. Custom Travel Clubs understand the human desire towards luxurious and rewarding experiences. That’s why we present a unique way to provide as an essential catalyst to improve the travel service standards with our Luxury Travel Marketplace.

The access to the bespoke Luxury Travel Marketplace is another member-only benefit of association with the Custom Travel Clubs. Luxury might mean different things to a different set of people. This is why we have partnered with big names in the travel luxury segments to provide you with a range of luxury merchandise. As the Amadeus reports suggests, “North America and Western Europe alone account for over 64% global outbound luxury trips”. Even though they make up only 18% of the world’s population, yet they contribute a major chunk to the luxury travel segment. (Source)

Custom Travel Clubs has aimed to target the luxury customer market with travel merchandise such as luggage, bags, travel essentials for expeditions, treks and more. The luxury travelers are craving a new kind of evolved luxury while they go on their trips. They are not just focused on the destinations but also yearn to experience the process of travel coupled with luxe. They like to travel in style, carrying their lavish travel accessories and bags. They love to jet away with little luxuries and globetrot in style. This is why Custom Travel Clubs offer exclusive discounts of up to 35-40% on the current styles of luxury travel merchandise. Half the fun of travel is in planning. So whether it is a water-proof, dive watch, a customized backpack, extravagant binoculars or stylish parka, you can have it all at discounts like never before. By delivering end-to-end luxury experience to the members, we at, Custom Travel Clubs, are aiming to provide a new level of luxury along with the travel that never existed before.

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