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Custom Travel Clubs’ Benefit- Premier Travel Agent Assistance

Assistance is a crucial aspect for the success of any travel club business. With rapidly changing dynamics world-wide, assistance is something every traveler looks for in a Travel Club. Whether you are on a road trip or traveling overseas, you might feel the need to get assistance on certain occasions.

Custom Travel Clubs provides Premier Travel Agent assistance that works 24X7 for the members. No matter where you are in the world, we ensure that you get access to every service or product without a problem. Custom Travel Clubs has a dedicated team of travel ombudsman who will always be your one-stop support when you travel. Our personnel are committed to take care of all things related to travel and respond to every query with a customized solution. The entire focus will be on giving you all the support that you need 24 hours in a day and 7 days a week.

Custom Travel Clubs strives to provide seamless vacation experience to its members. In the case of any emergency, we will adapt to your needs and give you the unconditional support that you need. The assistance will be provided via phone, email or chat by our experts. Our experts make sure that the reports are being updated regularly to provide you the most accurate information.

Custom Travel Clubs lends its support to the members across diverse areas of travel such as –

  • Assistance in providing private air ambulance evacuation in emergency
  • All kinds of medical assistance during travel
  • One stop emergency resource for every travel related query
  • On the fly translations benefit
  • Assistance in getting legal referrals
  • Assistance in emergency situations or natural disasters

The system is developed in such a way that members can access it for any information. In the case of any confusion or a query, we respond instantly with a solution. Any information regarding your hotel package, car rental, flight or vacation package can be accessed on the web portal or by connecting to our support team. No matter where or how you purchased your travel, our intuitive back-end system will assist you with sincerity and offer you solutions tailored to meet your requirements.

Custom Travel Clubs are the leading B2B membership based travel club fulfillment company that creates, operates and helps market travel clubs for brands and organisations around the world. We provide white label travel club platforms & solutions.

Custom Travel Clubs has partnered with the best in the industry to provide best deals on travels to the members. Our Loyalty program provides the best rewards, benefits and savings to the members. We make it easy for members to save on travel so that they can take the vacations that matter. See the full list of all the travel benefits we provide.

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