Private Medi-Jet Service

Custom Travel Clubs’ Benefit- Private Medi-Jet Service

Custom Travel Clubs takes care of your health abroad whether you are planning for a long or short trip. We will take care of all sorts of medical emergencies while you are away from home. It is important to travel smartly especially when you are traveling out of your country or to remote locations. While it is okay to overlook most of the packing essentials, there is one crucial thing never to be missed – medical care while traveling.

If you are a member of Custom Travel Clubs, you need not fret if something goes awry during your trip. Whether you are planning to go hike at remote locations or spend some time on a private island, your medical needs will be covered. This member-only benefit promises medical care of the highest level wherever you are. You will have access to quality healthcare under our benefit Private Medi-Jet Service. In case of all sorts of medical emergencies, Private Medi-Jet Service offered by Custom Travel Clubs ensures you peace of mind in distress.

No matter what your plans are, Private Medi-Jet Service ensures that you are covered for emergency care in the country or abroad seamlessly. Imagine if you are stuck in a place where you don’t have enough money to pay for your medical bills or access to world-class healthcare. Private Medi-Jet Service makes sure that you get access to second opinion referrals along with consultation from professionals around the world. You can also get assistance for prescription as well as medical referrals. In case of any disaster, you will be provided access to medical transport via air to the hospital of your choice.

The medical facilities and assistance by Custom Travel Clubs will be provided around the clock. If you need help in arrangement of international legal referrals, you can always count on us for that. Imagine you are hiking at Yellowstone National Park and face any mishap for which you are not prepared financially. Well, fret not. Cost should be your last concern if you are a member of Custom Travel Clubs as the medical care provided through our benefit- Private Medi-Jet Service is available without any hidden fees. The best thing about Private Medi-Jet Service benefit is that pre-medical conditions are accepted, unlike others. You get covered anywhere you go without any financial limitation to the medical care offered. No claim forms are needed as well.

While other travel insurances protect you against lost luggage or trip cancellation scenarios, Private Medi-Jet Service protects you. Being a member of Custom Travel Clubs, you can enjoy bespoke medical care around the year with these exclusive benefits –

  • The members get access to medical jet transportation facility around the globe in the hospital of their choice. The bedside to bedside feature is more than you can get elsewhere.
  • We provide coverage that goes everywhere with you and even in the event of transporting mortal remains.
  • Our Logistic Center is available 24X7 for any assistance or medical consultation across the world.
  • There is a provision of legal referrals and emergency message relay in case of any disaster.
  • We supply security advisories before you travel and safety assessment in detail while you are away.

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