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Custom Travel Clubs’ Benefit- Seat Alert & Frequent Flyer Flight Alert

How many times did you wish to get your preferred seat during your flight? If you are among those who can’t do without ample legroom or an aisle seat, then we have got you covered. Custom Travel Clubs works for your comfort and satisfaction. That’s why our members can enjoy the perks of getting the seat as per their seat preference during their air travel. With increasing complexity of air travel, getting a seat preference for frequent travelers is a blessing. Our member-only “Seat Alert” benefit lets you make your preferred seat selection before your flight so that we can book it for you.

The best thing about our Seat Alert benefit is that you don’t have to pay any extra buck to get your preferred seat. All you got to do is- fill a simple form stating your flight details and preferred seats so that we can book it in advance for you. A preferred seat in Economy Class lets you enjoy ample legroom. You can choose a seat located near an exit or a bulkhead with improved leg space to enjoy a comfortable flight. Also, in some airlines, a preferred seat means extra legroom to recline. With Custom Travel Club membership, you can enjoy perks like preferred seating and priority boarding by utilizing our Seat Alert benefit.

By any chance if your preferred seat is not available, there is no need to worry. Simply let us know about your flight details by filling up a short seat alert form and you will be notified as soon as your choice of seat is available. Once you give us a nod, we will book the seat for you. That easy!

Another benefit is meant for empowering the Frequent Flyer. Wherever in the world you want your frequent flyer miles to take you, our Frequent Flyer Flight Alert benefit will serve you right. Our alerts will let you know about flight availability and seat alert so that you can book the flight as per your travel plan. Snagging a frequent flyer seat was never so easy! Book your seats way ahead of your travel dates and be creative with your travel itinerary. You can use frequent flyer flight alert in many ways. You can utilize your accumulated frequent flyer miles to book the flight. You can make the most of this Reward Booking benefit by booking your flight during the off-season or considering first class tickets. You just need to come up with creative travel itineraries to enjoy these perks. Another benefit of frequent flyer flight alert is upgrading your flight booking. If you have already purchased your flight ticket, you can always upgrade it using your accumulated miles. So upgrading it to business or first class is very easy. Also, if you have booked a flight with us using your accumulated miles but now you have changed your mind, you can change your decision anytime. You can upgrade your flight booked with accumulated miles to a better one with your remaining miles. All you need to do is fill up our simple flight alert form and we will notify you about the available seat and book it for you.

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