Expert Advice Busts Common Myths Surrounding Vacation Rental Homes

Eighty-nine percent of travelers who have never rented before would consider doing so, according to a Kelton study+. However, fears and popular misconceptions about vacation rentals ultimately prevent many from trying.

“With so many different types of vacation rentals available, travelers can have trouble navigating their options,” said Mary Lynn Clark, president, Wyndham Vacation Rentals North America. “Feeling misinformed or overwhelmed can dissuade those travelers from trying something new. To help, we wanted to confront a few of the most popular myths that tend to surround vacation rentals.”

  • Myth #1: More space = a higher price tag. Many travelers assume vacation rentals are more expensive than traditional lodging options. Think again! Break down the per night, per person pricing while factoring in the space amenities and you can get a great value. Rental homes can even prove more cost-effective by allowing travelers to leverage convenient amenities, such as kitchens to save money on meals or washers/dryers to cut down on baggage fees by packing less.
  • Myth #2: I need to have a large group. Vacation rental homes come in all shapes and sizes, from studio units and condos in resort-style communities to larger, private homes with four or more bedrooms. Solo travelers, couples and small families often enjoy rental homes for the convenience and can find the right sized home for their needs.
  • Myth #3: I have to stay for at least a week. Not true! Many vacation rental homes offer flexibility when it comes to length of stay. Travelers can often find rentals for weekend stays, especially during off-peak travel periods.
  • Myth #4: You have to book far in advance. False. There is no set timeframe in which you must book a rental home before your trip. While booking further in advance can give you a greater selection to choose from, there are often great last-minute deals in many popular vacation destinations for those who can’t plan as far ahead.
  • Myth #5: If I need help during my stay, I’m on my own. Quite the contrary; though, it does depend on how you book your rental home. If you book through a professional manager, there is typically someone available 24/7 to assist you with any issues you might encounter. If you book directly through a homeowner, you’ll need to ask them how available they’ll be during your stay.

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