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How Travel Clubs Are Making Luxury Travel Affordable?

The luxury travel trend is booming in leaps and bounds. Needless to say, travel clubs have been important drivers for luxury travel demand. They have made luxury travel affordable and available to the masses. Most U.S. travelers are the biggest consumers of this lucrative trend. According to a survey by Resonance, the wealthiest U.S. travelers (5% of the population) take an average of 14.3 trips in a year, half of which are for business and rest for leisure. Other US travelers, in general, take just 4.8 trips per year as compared to the wealthiest ones. This adds up to an approximate spending of $390 billion per year on leisure travel.

As a travel business, it is advisable to align yourself with the growing demands of luxury travel that will continue to grow over the next decade. The spending habits of affluent travelers are influencing the luxury market trends in the U.S. This is outpacing the rest of the trends in the travel market. The sales of ultra-luxury goods are increasing arithmetically. The appeal of extreme luxury is at an all-time high. Travel clubs have come up with travel loyalty programs that offer the best in luxury travel segment to the travelers.

The high-end travel is paving the way to the future of ultra-luxury. There is a continued demand for posh settings, lavish suites, high-end hotel rooms, high-dollar villas, private settings, penthouses and more. Instead of dealing with the planning, cash-rich leisure travelers are seeking travel assistance. They find travel club platforms appealing for luxury travel offerings and access to luxury travel marketplace. Custom Travel Clubs have a dedicated access to luxury travel marketplace for wealthy leisure sojourners who wish to indulge in luxury. It perfectly caters to the segment of time-poor and cash-rich travelers who like to pamper themselves on a vacation.

Offering luxury to the travelers is a personalized experience which has become more crucial these days. Yesterday’s luxury offerings have become common today. The emerging middle class and leisure travelers are seeking new experiences with evolved kind of luxury. The need for transformative experiences is ever-growing. The travel clubs are targeting such luxury travelers to assemble unique experiences for them. They are offering personalized luxury experiences to high flyers with the advent of technology, customization, and versatility. The high-end customization is ideal for experience-seeking travelers. This can be done by combining human elements with the use of technology to make their vacation as memorable as possible.

There is a lot of untapped demand for luxury travel. Without a doubt, the future of luxury is bright. In fact, it is going to become brighter with time.

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