How Are Travel Clubs Promoting Health and Wellness Tourism?

Simply put, health and wellness tourism is a hot trend. The health niche is among the fastest growing in the travel market. Today the words ‘wellness’ and ‘travel’ are spoken in the same breath. Over the past decade, this trend has boomed and become increasingly diverse. According to a study presented at Global Wellness Summit, this niche is expanding 50% faster than entire tourism industry and is expected to hit $680 billion by the end of this year. (Source) Not just that, travelers are taking over 586 million trips for this purpose each year. They are spending huge amounts of getting massaged, snipped, botoxed, implanted and more. A huge number of such spenders are traveling to South East Asia to get their treatments done. Given the record rates of growth, this trend is going to be the hottest one of 2017.

Hotels, travel experts and more importantly, travel clubs are responding to make it simpler. The money of travelers is spent in different aspects of ‘wellness’. The most sought-after wellness aspects include treatments, healthy cuisines, fitness, alternative therapies and sports activities. Apart from these, some specific trends are fueling this incredible growth in health and wellness tourism. After all, no one can deny taking care of themselves.

The market is expanded by the contribution of travel clubs by offering certain medical benefits through their travel loyalty programs to such travelers. Travel clubs take into account that every tourist may be a potential patient and preventive care is important. They have enhanced their offerings by involving huge markets – hospitals, spas, yoga retreats, fitness chains, hotels and so on. Travel clubs are not limited to providing just online offerings but they have delved deep into this aspect to offer all-encompassing wellness itinerary. Spas were once the epicenter of wellness tourism. Now the industry has mushroomed to holistic cruises, weight loss clinics, spiritual retreats, medical tourism and more.

It is not surprising that the travelers are captivated by the concept of wellness and medical tourism. Wellness vacations are compelling because everyday commitments make health a challenge for people and they end up feeling sluggish. The wellness vacations give them the much-needed break and essentially an opportunity for personal transformation. Slowly, these vacations are changing form from rustic to luxury. The travel club membership gives such travelers exactly what they want – reconnection with themselves.

Travel clubs are offering destination spas, doctor on call, premier travel agent assistance, wellness resorts and more as travel club benefits. Custom Travel Clubs is offering private medi-jet service for their global clients so that the travel companies, in turn, can offer a unique experience to their customers. Most medical tourists prefer travel clubs for two major reasons – cost and easy access to treatments. As a travel company, you can provide a customized itinerary to your clients sealed with trust and security with the help of Custom Travel Clubs. It can help your clients compare costs for accommodation and travel, prepare personalized itinerary, get deals on health resorts or book a boutique fitness retreat. Apart from that, the travelers can also get access to healthy activities such as hiking, yoga, healthy eating, outdoor sports lessons etc. to promote lifestyle changes. Travel clubs can help discover the health-focused trends or getaways designed for active travelers across the globe.

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