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How is the Rise of Millennials Linked to the Emergence of Travel Clubs

Millennials form a huge chunk of traveler aficionados in the present times. They are the young, energetic and internet-savvy travelers aged between 18 and 34; although age is just a number used by demographers to represent them. Most people who are adventure seekers agree that being a millennial is just a ‘state of mind’.

Millennial travelers have emerged as a generation who loves to explore new places, culture, people and landmarks. They do not shy away from leaving comforts of the home to explore the world.

According to the stats, by 2020, millennial travelers will be making around 320 million international trips as compared to 217 million in 2013. (Source) This staggering 47% increase in the number of trips indicates that millennials are going to make travel industry into a fast-growing and influential market amongst other sectors. The millennial generation is already growing by leaps and bounds. They are technologically advanced travelers who like to be well informed of the places they are traveling to. They love to stay in touch with their peers on social media sites. In fact, communication and traveling go hand-in-hand for them. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that the millennials and travel clubs are the perfect fit.

The millennials are the target audience for most of the travel clubs these days. Thanks to the millennial generation for their high expectations, tech-savvy approach and the continual need for new experiences! Travel clubs have been able to deliver all of these along with peace of mind. Since millennials have an innate desire for exclusivity of experiences, travel clubs can offer it with their travel membership plans. This is one of the most powerful features of travel clubs and has become the preferred choice for millennials. No wonder, travel clubs have emerged to offer services specifically to the millennial generation.

For the digital nomads or the millennials on-the-go, taking a travel club membership is a luxury trove that gives access to their dream vacation deals. The millennial generation doesn’t believe in saving money for a distant future that may or may not exists. They strongly advocate in keeping a work-life balance. So they are always ready to take a vacation whenever they can. They embrace technology and carefully assess their travel expenditure. This is why they find travel loyalty programs as the most appealing option. The travel clubs are ideal for getting them deals on a budget for accommodation, airfare, activities, transport and so on. The millennial generation is the one you will rarely find sitting in a hotel room. They are always on to something, exploring a new place, seeking hidden trails or discovering a new culture. They know that they can depend on an ideal travel club membership plan for all their needs.

Despite the notion that millennials do their trip planning themselves and avoid relying on tour operators, it’s not entirely true. They are keen to stay one step ahead by taking travel club memberships unavailable to their peers. Since they have a constant need to stay active on social media, they dig places with amenities like free Wi-Fi, lounge access, discounts on luxury travel needs and more. The travel clubs are perfect at fulfilling their high expectations and they definitely love to depend on them. Besides, travel clubs are able to provide 24/7 support which is like icing on the cake. No wonder, a travel club provides them with all they need right from the start of trip planning to buying air tickets and more.

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