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How to Market Travel Clubs

A travel club is a membership-based program that provides bespoke travel benefits, exclusive travel deals and other travel-related assistance to its members. Consumers today want everything under one roof. “Time is money”, as Benjamin Franklin puts it, and for travelers, time and money hold high value. A travel club is a perfect platform to cater to various needs of the travelers and to provide them an assortment of lifestyle offerings.

The membership based travel clubs can generate predictable recurring revenues for companies. You can calculate the approximate ROI of your travel club by clicking here: To see the projected results getting realized, appropriate marketing of a travel club is very important. An effective & integrated marketing plan helps in taking the word out about the travel club to existing and potential customers.

Undoubtedly, the success of a travel club lies in its marketing, which covers various arena such as promotions, advertising, sales, public relations, campaigns etc.

How to Market Travel Clubs?

Before we jump into the nitty-gritty details on how to market travel clubs, we must understand that it is not an overnight process. Travel is a lucrative industry and to excel in it, you need a concrete plan and make it discoverable to succeed. Let us discuss in detail the top five steps every travel club needs to follow in order to market itself successfully.

  1. Set your objective:

Every travel club must have an objective or a mission statement that will help customers to recognize it. Before you set a mission statement for your travel club, ask yourself these fundamental questions –

  • What makes you different from everyone else?
  • What is your niche?
  • Are you offering exclusive deals or custom-designed travel packages to cater to the particular needs of members?

Find out the answer to every question and capitalize on it. Start developing a market presence that ensures long-term profitability and become fully committed to it.

  1. Market analysis:

The next step requires developing a workable marketing plan for the travel club by understanding the needs of your customers. The analysis will be based on different preferences of the consumers such as:

  • Budget
  • Destination
  • Time of travel
  • Activities sought
  1. Build a strong marketing strategy

You can build a marketing strategy around the needs of the customers to be recognized as a high-end travel club. For instance, you can target high-income individuals through luxury travel benefits such as discounts on luggage and travel essentials, private medi-jet services, doc in a suitcase benefit, 24X7 personal assistance etc.

  1. Implementation

Having laid the framework for marketing strategy, a travel club can go forward and explore these techniques to achieve their business goals –

  • Distribution: Talk about the benefits of the travel club and the services offered. You can do so by creating user groups online, creating webinars to give the demo of benefits, engage with the existing and new customers on the social media and by branding the travel club with teaser videos. The effective distribution will eventually translate into inbound leads.
  • Advertising: You can advertise the travel club via frequently used social media channels, through emails or SMS, travel publications and more.
  • Promotion: You can run promotional schemes and make use of digital voucher based email promotion to let your existing members know about them. In such events, even cold calls will be welcomed by your members when you offer them free vouchers or perks like a free subscription for a month or 50% off on particular service.
  • Rewards: Rewarding your existing members from time to time with free vouchers will make them feel special. You can let them know about your existing discount schemes through emailers and newsletters. Show them that you care and gain their attention for your new campaigns.
  • Campaigns: The social media campaigns are no longer an optional activity but a lifestyle norm. The studies say that around 25% of customers seek information on social media before they decide for a travel service provider company. (Source) So, simply maintaining the social media accounts is not enough. Make an active effort to grow your customer base and respond to customer inquiries.

Take cues from these platform-specific tips:

  • Facebook: Spread a word about your travel club with carefully targeted posts and make a solid fan base
  • Google+: Build your brand by engaging with travel communities and expand your horizon
  • Twitter: Indulge into direct sales via social listening tools and widen your outreach
  • Pinterest and Instagram: Share visually appealing content such as beautiful spots and exotic destinations and entice followers with the ongoing offers.
  1. Marketing trends analysis

Keep a tab on the changing marketing trends so that your travel club is always in demand by the customers and clients. A balanced mix of all of the above techniques is the stepping stone in building an effective marketing strategy for a successful travel club.

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