How travel clubs will help global brands pivot from product driven brands to lifestyle brands?

Lifestyle is a broad term that encompasses what’s valuable and worthwhile for you. This is a key component for reaching out to people and market your brand. Lifestyle branding is emerging as one of the hottest trends. The global brands have started thinking to incorporate travel segment in order to drive growth and profitability. This is why, they have started to gravitate towards travel clubs to position their products in a better way and capture various segments of market share.

Brands these days are familiar with the need to pivot from product driven brands to lifestyle brands and target new customer pools. Travel clubs help them to embody this vision and create a desire in their existing customers to seek a more personalized experience with the vein of lifestyle branding.

The global brands that are looking to transform themselves into more of lifestyle brands must reengineer their way and how they are going to be perceived by travelers by taking their path forward under the guidance of travel club fulfillment companies and by following these strategies –

  1. Outreach with lifestyle offerings

The first and foremost step of branding lifestyle products is to connect with the existing and potential customers. The focus should be to create a keen desire in the consumer to embody travel club and create travel clubs that embodies them.

It is imperative to create a mission statement for your divergence into lifestyle brand and ask yourself three statements to determine your path forward –

  • What does my brand promote?
  • Who is the targeted customer?
  • How does a travel club address the existing and potential customers’ needs?

Much of the lifestyle branding fosters on emotional connect with the people. So expand your horizon with lifestyle offerings such as discounted travel packages, exclusive benefits on fine dining and food, entertainment packages, customized experiences, rentals, cruises, auto care and more.

Let the customers know that the products you are offering span their lifestyle needs and take your message out to them.

  1. Reinvent

As a global brand, you might be offering limited services and doing product-driven marketing. There may be a need to re-strategize everything and revamp yourself into a lifestyle brand with purpose driven marketing now. It is, in fact, the heart of product innovation and will create a bigger impact on your existing customers.

To start with, choose a niche. Identify the lifestyle segment you wish to cater to. Travel clubs will assist you in selecting from a plethora of sections such as business travelers and/or luxury travelers etc. and create a scalable credibility amongst them.

Next, travel membership programs and travel loyalty programs will help shape your brand into a travel lifestyle club. You can choose to create bespoke packages for your members and provide them with a range of unmatched travel benefits.

  1. Promote

This is a crucial step to enhance your lifestyle brand. You have got it all figured out with the help of travel clubs. Now, it’s time to take the word out. Social media, blogging, mobile apps, exclusive events, content marketing are the best bets in today’s digitized world.

They will help yarn your story in a way  that attracts your target audience. Instagram and Facebook campaigns are particularly effective in promoting your lifestyle offerings with the help of target demographics.

Remember that every engagement can lead into inbound sale. So, let them know about your exceptional lifestyle offerings such as customized trip itineraries, 24X7 concierge services, discount vouchers on food and travel, exquisite hotel deals, baggage rebate, private-medi jet services, lounge access at airports, offers on luxury indulgence, car rentals etc.

Travel clubs offer these services with one-time monthly or annual membership fee as low as $50 that can go up to $10,000. Register the response of the customers and use the findings to market your own lifestyle branded travel club.

  1. Strategically indulge in image building

With an emphasis on offering products that can extend the travel experience of customers beyond their actual trip, take this model of reinvention further into an image building that can resonate with your customers.

Make sure that the products you are offering align with the lifestyle needs of the consumers and make it a purpose-driven enterprise. Travel club solutions thrive on membership driven economy and can be a key differentiator in helping you achieve the consumer trust and credibility.

Once you have established yourself as a lifestyle brand, you can turn your customers into walking advertisements for the travel membership programs.

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