How will travel be sold and consumed in the years to come?

Since the inception of travel through natural waterways in the 1800s to the advent of trains in 1900s till the present 21st century, travel has undergone radical changes. The ever-booming travel industry stood at 1.1 billion international global travelers in 2014 and is continuously on the rise. (Source)

Innovation is revamping the travel industry and the way it will be consumed in the years to come. To keep up with the innovative travel trends well-in-advance, Travel clubs have an indispensable role to play considering key travel revolutions for future consumers. Driven by modern technology and out-of-the-box thinking, Travel clubs are all set to implement innovative ways that satiate smart travelers of future.

The future of travel lies in conscious travel planning by consumers coupled with sourcing of destination by travel companies to create a sustainable tourism on a global scale. Travel clubs will foster on the intersection of user experience and technological advancements to provide customized travel experiences.

The major key trends that will continue to be the strongest selling points for future travel by travel clubs are:

Travel with a purpose: The ‘bucket and spade holiday packages’ have led us to believe that a trip is all about a week of fun with all that sun, sand and water. The new way of emerging travel trend is to rediscover the local flavors with a purpose in mind. It can be learning to cook in India, discovering ruins in Nepal or exploring gastronomic delights in Italy. The ‘themed travel packages’ offered by travel clubs along with access to emergency services will let the travelers get more out of their comfort zone. They can enjoy innovative and purposeful travel benefits in a foreign land through their travel club membership.

Affordable travel with upgrades: Sharing is caring! That is why the travelers these days are smart enough not to spend lavishly on hotel rooms but on experiences instead. Membership driven travel clubs will cater to the segment of ‘solo travelers’ who are looking for affordable solutions to stay and splurge in adventure activities instead. Travel clubs can provide them the perfect platform with complimentary accidental insurance to make sure that they are covered. Travel upgrades such as lounge access, baggage rebate, complimentary pre-flight meals and flight insurance will appeal to such travelers who are more interested in the journey rather than the destination.

Technology driven travel: In this era of the hyper-connected world, we swear by the technology and the need to connect. The travel club platforms can be the smart personal assistant for the travelers and help them with vital information in case of any emergency. Members can enjoy the customized assistance by travel clubs at every step and feel secure regardless of any location. The full range of options like chat, email and phone provided by travel club will let you be the ultimate boss.

Access to Emergency Services: Travel Clubs that provide outstanding personalized service in case of emergencies can completely change member’s travel and vacation experiences. Travel Clubs have the members back when traveling. No matter where they are in the world, they have access to all types of emergency services like medical, legal referrals, on the fly translations.

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