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Millennial Travel : A look at the modern Millennial Generations’ travel habits

The term ‘Millennial’ is taking the rounds a lot nowadays. It is so because they are the travelers of the new age. Roughly, the term refers to those born between the 1980s and 2000s. This generation makes for the most spontaneous travelers who seek, explore and experience something new to satisfy their wanderlust every now and then.

Millennials are everywhere. Look at the Facebook or Instagram. They love to travel, are always up for sudden trips and are quick at taking epic selfies. About 86% millennials have itchy feet when it comes to experiencing new cultures through traveling. They see travel as the biggest stress buster and it can be made out by the fact that about 42% of them travel to reduce stress.

Millennials love technology. They have innate urge to stay connected with their counterparts so that they can get useful recommendations while they travel. This is why they depend on Wi-Fi, travel apps and different technological channels to make sure they never miss anything substantial while on a holiday. They dig hidden gems and valuable tips. So, more than 3 in 4 Millennials are willing to choose a travel location based on friend’s recommendation.
Millennials are truly a unique breed of travelers. They are different from conventional travelers because they research well about their travel destination before they set out of their homes. Additionally, they do so because of their consumer conscious habits. They love to go on a budget yet splurge on things that are worthy. They will research thoroughly on multiple travel sites to shortlist the best deal on flight or hotel. According to the stats, about 85% of them look for the best available deals online and 82% will dig into travel reviews before taking a decision.

Millennials love to socialize even while traveling so they are ready to leave their hotel rooms for real experiences. They are less likely to sit hunched over coffee for business or pleasure. They love to exploit their travel skills, seek the best deal out there and find a great bargain. You can call it the thrill of the hunt but that’s because they dig tangible experiences over cookie-cutter hotels. So you can expect them to try out flash sales, discounts, one-night hotel deals or shared hostels. They sure love luxury. But they need to ensure that all their demands of technology and personal preferences are met. This is why about 58% of them will prefer a full-service hotel with all the facilities like high-speed internet. As per the stats, about 60% will even pay for the in-flight Wi-Fi.

The millennials are the biggest consumers of social media and more than 1 out of 2 will share their travel experiences with their peers via social media platforms. They stay updated with the best travel gadgets and apps on their phones as well as tablets. Since they are choosy and to some extent travel snobs, they go for personalized experiences. About 4 out of 5 will go for a service that can be customized as per their preference and budget. This is the number one driving reason for them joining the travel loyalty programs. If we go by the stats, over 1 out of 2 is willing to share personal data with travel agents for a personalized itinerary. They find such travel membership clubs appealing where they can get upgrades and freebies on zero or negligible costs. A travel club can easily retain them by offering valuable travel experiences that can meet their unique needs as well as offer value for their money.

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