Rising Importance of Technology in Travel to Capture the New Online Consumer

The digital revolution has changed the way we buy travel now. The new online travel consumer is smart and empowered. The use of technology is playing a key role in travel planning and the way consumers shop travel. With the growing internet penetration, it is obvious that travel companies need to keep reinventing themselves as per the needs of the consumers. Let us explain the rising importance of technology with these key findings –

  • Growing internet penetration: The number of internet users is growing rapidly. The growth is expected to continue in the coming years largely driven by Asia Pacific where internet users are expected to reach 1.7 billion by 2018. (Source)
  • Mobile internet: In the last two years, mobile internet subscriptions have outpaced the fixed ones, favored by the smartphones and tablets. The stats are expected to grow rapidly.
  • Online travel sales: Global online travel sales are expected to reach US$950 billion by 2018.
  • Multiscreen consumers: Today’s consumers use multiscreen devices including wearable technologies, tablets, smartphones and other devices. The travel companies need to build a flexible architecture to cater them everywhere.
  • Asia Pacific region drives online growth: Asia Pacific region is the hot region for online travel growth. It is expected to double from US$85 billion in 2013 to US$190 billion in 2018. (Source)

These travel stats point to an important aspect of travel which serves as the backbone of sales for any travel startup– online travel marketing. It is important to target the consumers in a more personalized way. The gradual shift from mass marketing to online marketing is the need of the hour. In order to reach the online travel consumer, it is important to have an active online presence across every channel. Even the traditional travel providers are embracing the online channel to offer travel services.

The membership-driven economy is becoming more successful in this new environment. The consumer insights show that travelers are increasingly investing in travel loyalty programs to get their travel needs sorted. A membership with the travel club gives them the flexibility to design their trip. The demand for personalized trips is rising and travel clubs are best at meeting that. They are also fulfilling their demand for real-time services by providing 24-hour uninterrupted assistance.

The consumer behavior is shifting according to the new travel trends. To keep up the pace, every travel business need to –

  • Offer personalized user experience to engage with the users.
  • Give importance to the consumer perspective before making any major business decision.
  • Offer incentives and reward schemes to encourage the users. This will, in turn, attract more consumers to your business.
  • Track consumer activity across all channels and provide unparalleled experience across various devices and apps.
  • Offer benefits at every step, starting from the act of sign-in.
  • Provide seamless experience and adapt to the consumer habits. The word of mouth in the form of consumer reviews will establish you as a successful travel company and also reduce the acquisition costs.

Becoming more open to creating a recommendation culture. The consumer experience matter before as well as after the trip. This will help travel business to focus on offering quality services.

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