Custom Travel Clubs- Webinar

Save up to 40% on hotels with Custom Travel Clubs- Webinar

Thanks to the online world, finding and booking your dream vacation has never been easier but quite often, high costs can bring about a swift end to whatever travel arrangements you had in mind. Most people book their reservation via OTA’s (Online Travel Agents) such as Expedia, Travelocity, etc. but they add on huge commissions to each booking leading to high booking price.

At Custom Travel clubs, your members can save more money on each booking, much more than any other online travel service or product.

Watch this webinar to see the huge price difference in hotel bookings made on Expedia and our Travel Club customer- The Society of Intelligent Travelers. As you can see in the webinar, our Travel Club members can get savings of up to 40% on hotel bookings.

Custom Travel Clubs scours the globe in search of the best benefits in collaboration with A+ partners to give your members the best deals and savings. With our world-wide network of benefits, we can customize a solution that meets your needs, budget and customer expectations.

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