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Ten Reasons How Travel Club Will Help USA Domestic Leisure Travel To Grow

Domestic leisure travel in the USA is a bright spot amidst all other types of travel trips. Americans love to go on vacation within their country and now they will indulge in more of that, thanks to low gas prices! Although the business travel stats have seen a slump in the US recently but domestic leisure travel scenario looks promising in spite of the subsequent decline in international visitations. The domestic leisure travel volume has seen a new high from May onwards and is expected to grow in November with Americans gearing up for the leisure trips and contribute massively to travel growth in the USA.

In 2015, total spending on leisure travel in the USA stood at $650.8 billion, generating a whopping tax revenue of $99.6 billion. The top reasons for leisure visits included visiting relatives, shopping, visiting friends, fine dining and vacationing at beaches. (Source)

To promote domestic leisure travel in the USA through a wide array of benefits and valued customer experience elements, Travel Clubs are one of the emerging trends amongst travel enthusiasts. With a list of benefits to choose from, Travel Clubs not only provide ease and flexibility to travelers but strive to incorporate all possible premium travel amenities to strengthen the leisure travel in the USA.

Here are ten reasons how Travel Club will help USA domestic leisure travel to grow:

  1. Ease of access: First thing first! Ease of travel access and unparalleled services to member travelers are of paramount importance. Travelers like to rejoice in the fact that their Travel Club always has their backs and they need to least worry about basic travel arrangements such as flight and hotel bookings. Access to uninterrupted services definitely makes the domestic travel more captivating.
  2. Spanning a vast network of discount providers: Discounts on services like food and car rentals, cruise bookings, vacation rentals, entertainment, auto care etc. go a long way in promoting the domestic travel. It reduces the overall travel expenditure, encouraging the domestic travelers to go on fuss-free trips.
  3. Excellent customer service: Customer service counts as the most important aspect of any Travel Club. As they say, a stitch in time saves nine. This holds true in the case of travel especially when you are stranded somewhere, away from your home. The customer support is what you will always remember about any Travel Club, especially the rare facilities like medical assistance within your vacation property. A superb customer tele-support gives an edge to the Travel Clubs making them appear more reliable to the customers.
  4. Bespoke member benefits: Access to a wide range of travel related services such as complimentary flight insurance, baggage rebate, airport lounge access, private medi-jet service, seat alerts etc. is seen as a cherry on the cake by domestic travelers, enabling them to take more trips.
  5. Personalized touch: Features like holiday destination activities and high-quality travel services with robust technology add a touch of personalization to every member booking. A Travel Club that lets its members track their booking status and other activities in real-time and provide top-notch personal assistance will win the loyalty of its members. This broadens the travel inventory and also attracts new leads.
  6. Luxury travel deals: A major chunk of domestic travelers look forward to luxury trips within the country. The impeccable arrangements assisting in luxury leisure travel indulgence is what they look for in a Travel Club. With discounts of up to 40% on luxury travel arrangements provided by a Travel Club, travelers will be able to enjoy sheer luxury by shelling out fewer bucks.
  7. No-fuss, 24X7 travel assistance: 24×7 uninterrupted travel assistance for 365 days by a Travel Club will definitely be dream come true for any traveler, especially when it is provided at no additional cost. Apart from this, multi-lingual support is seen as a major plus point along with chat and e-mail support.
  8. Competitive prices: Domestic leisure travelers will see it as a bonus in any Travel Club that offers a competitive price for the membership. Features like easy refund and best price guarantee makes it even more promising.
  9. Ease of payments: Ease of payments is another important element to consider for a traveler while choosing any Travel Club. A streamlined payment system and integration with various leading payment gateways qualify as a standout virtue.
  10. Member Rewards: Member rewards and incentives are a great way to retain existing members as well as attracting potential ones. The travel club rewards program encourages the members to travel more often and reap exclusive premier benefits.

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