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The changing face of Loyalty programs and their impact on travel industry

The new age traveler is conscious and tech savvy. To meet the demands of such travelers, the travel industry has come up with a new age trend – loyalty programs. These loyalty programs are not just any ordinary travel marketing programs. They are like a new age travel club where every effort is made to deliver a personalized experience to the traveler. They are more appealing to the frequent travelers who are keen to participate in membership driven economy in exchange for the perks they receive. Millennials, of most people, find them the most appealing. In fact, they make up a major chunk of the population of leisure travelers who look for end-to-end trip experience. That’s exactly what the loyalty programs provide. The changing facet of the loyalty programs is aimed at driving the customer experience. The use of technology for data mining is used to continually evolve and come up with new offerings.

The definition of travel loyalty programs is changing and is no longer focused on programs but the overall process and engagement. The shift is dramatic and is giving birth to new trends that may change the entire landscape of loyalty programs. Many travel clubs are experimenting with their approach to entice the customers. Most of them are fueling this risk-taking approach by engaging more with the customers and getting personal insights about them. Getting acquainted on a personal level with the customers is risky and tedious yet it helps drive results. The element of ‘connection’ is associated deeply with the loyalty. When the customers feel more connected, they trust and value their travel membership provider. The new age traveler is fussy about his personal choices and they don’t shy away from seeking out options that can offer them the flexibility to personalize their experience. That’s why loyalty programs are becoming more and more flexible to meet the changing needs of travelers.

The smart travel clubs are innovating strategies to recognize the individual need of travelers. They understand the fact that every traveler is different and so are their preferences. Many travel clubs are offering itinerary on the basis of personal preferences of their customers to achieve true traveler loyalty. For example, the travel club will inquire about your trip type – solo, couple or family, the trip purpose – adventure, escape, relaxation, culture etc. and so on and so forth until it creates a customized itinerary. It will do so on the basis of your preferences and requirements. Some travel clubs also maintain the past records of their customers to offer even more personalized trip experience.

Overall, the loyalty programs these days are aimed to focus on two important elements – feeling and experience. That’s why they are also offering immediate gratification to the customers with rewards and upgrades. The travelers are willing to share their personal data in exchange for benefits.  The travel clubs are utilizing that to anticipate their wants and needs. Of course, the technology is serving as an indispensable tool to deliver a fully customized experience.

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