The Evolution of Membership-Based Economy in Travel

With the drastic rise of subscription economy, almost every sector is changing its functionality. Travel and hospitality are certainly no such exception, as they are currently witnessing the rise of the membership driven economy. Gone are the days when travelers used to invest hours while planning their vacations! In this fast-paced world, the way people travel has certainly changed a lot as well. Read on to learn more about the evolution of membership-based travel economy and how travel clubs can make the most of it.

The rise of millennial travelers

The travel and hospitality industry has seen a rapid rise of millennials over the last few years.  It is expected that by 2020, almost 320 million international trips would be taken by millennials per year (source). This staggering growth of millennials who wish to travel overseas also brings plenty of opportunities as well. The concept of travel membership programs has allowed millennials to explore new destinations while saving big on their pocket.

Selling an experience

Instead of simply visiting a new destination, travelers like to gain more experience like a local. This is considered as a driving force for the rise of various membership-driven organizations. Most of these firms provide daily local and global discounts for its customers. It allows travelers to experience the true essence of a destination rather than simply visiting it like tourists.

Providing customized features

Almost every industry is becoming more personalized these days. People like to be treated exclusively while traveling. After getting their respective travel memberships, they can customize their trip without much trouble. Most of the travel club platforms have an interactive forum, where travelers can communicate with each other and plan their trip in no time.

Giving an exclusive feel

These days, people like to be a part of something exclusive. Not just to gain members-only discounts, it also makes them feel a part of an extended family. One of the major reasons for the rapid growth of subscription economy is the kind of exclusivity that it offers to its members. For instance, travel clubs have dedicated members-only hotel rates that any other travelers can’t enjoy.

Added benefits at a low cost

This is undoubtedly one of the most crucial reasons for the rise of travel loyalty programs. In order to experience various added benefits, travelers are required to pay a large sum of money. Though, if they are a member of a travel club, then they can easily access these features without any added cost. For instance, benefits like airport lounge access, virtual currency program, personal assistance, compliment flight insurance, and more can easily be enjoyed in a membership driven economy without causing a dent in your pocket.


Most importantly, travelers like to have a luxurious and hassle-free experience while exploring their favorite destinations. A membership driven travel economy allows them to access various benefits as per their convenience. Not only it saves their time and efforts, but it also lets them enjoy their trip with utmost leisure and comfort.

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