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The Growing Demand for Travel Clubs

Over the last few years, a drastic makeover can be seen in the international and domestic travel. Companies are pushing the envelope to provide unmatched benefits and features to their customers. It has also led to the growth of travel clubs of different kinds. From providing budget weekend getaways to luxurious holidays, travel clubs are all set to change the face of this multi-billion dollar industry. Here are some of the reasons that have boosted the need for travel clubs.

The scope for growth

The traveling sector is one of the most profitable industries in the world that employs millions of people. Regardless of being so profitable, it has been a little stagnant over the past few years. This has created a sense of monotony in travelers as well. It has been reported that over 69% of the global travelers would like to try something new. (Source)

This depicts that the industry has a huge scope for growth. The concept of travel clubs is relatively new, but it has already taken the industry by a storm in the last few years. The integration of technological advancements has further led to the overall growth of travel clubs.

Acting as a B2C bridge

Regardless of all the development in the travel sector, there is still a wide gap between customers and businesses. This is exactly where travel clubs can provide an easy solution to connect travelers with business amenities. Instead of being a black box, it makes the travel sector quite transparent. Not only does it empower travelers to make their choices, but also lands more business to vendors. This makes a win-win situation for everyone.

An easy way of traveling

Gone are the days when planning a family vacation used to consume days. With the help of a travel club, customers can simply book their next vacation right from their smartphones. With just one tap, every kind of travel need can be taken care of. All of this provides a more hassle-free way of traveling.


One of the reasons why travelers don’t prefer readily available packages and tours is because it lacks personalization. Travel clubs provide a seamless way to create customized trips without any trouble. One can collaborate with other fellow travelers, share different details, and plan a personalized holiday on the go.

Added benefits

The kind of added benefits that are offered by travel clubs can’t be compared with age-old travel companies. Not just complimentary flight insurance or baggage rebate, customers also get an access to tempting discounts and members-only hotel rates.

Furthermore, it provides added features like a luxury marketplace or vacation rental travel deals. It also caters to corporate travelers by providing benefits like airport lounge access, frequent flyer alert, multi-language support, and virtual currency program. All of this makes travel clubs an essential part of this ever-booming industry.

Personal Assistance

To make sure that travelers have a trouble-free experience, travel clubs provide a dedicated 24/7 personal assistance. With this feature, travelers can get in touch with customer representatives to resolve their queries in no time.

Some travel clubs also provide a feature for its customers to get in touch with a licensed doctor. This can be used at the time of an emergency and would be an evident factor for many.

With all these provisions, travel clubs are not only here to stay, but it would also bring a revolution in this booming sector. Custom Travel Clubs has all the above-stated benefits, making it an ideal solution for various travel and hospitality businesses and firms.

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