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How to drive loyalty and recurring revenue with your own branded travel club membership program

Travel is social, drives pleasure and helps the brand connect with their customers and has a positive effect on their life. This is why banks and credit card companies are wrapping their product with travel benefits.

Brands and especially membership driven brands looking at creating a deeper and stronger relationship with their customers need to look at travel as an opportunity to build a stronger brand affinity.

1-Pick your niche/audience

-Do you have existing members?

-Target/select your niche that likes to stick together (Golfers, Football fans, Cigar Lovers, business travelers….)

-Understand what your audience need while traveling and create a matching benefit program for them.

2-Create the perfect travel benefits package

-Your clients like Golf deals? Sports event deals?

-Are your Clients Up-scale? Do they need special care? Airport lounge access, VIP concierge Service, Luxury Car service discounts, Private Jet Hire discounts…?

-What can you offer that focuses on quality assurance of your program? Low price guarantee?

-Are your clients/members business travelers, families, sports addicts, apartment owners?

-Ask your members what they need the most, and make them part of your new membership offer.

Travel Club Benefits

3-Create the right web and mobile platform to deliver on promises and always stay in the palm of your members

-You want to deliver real benefits that engage your members with your brand, that drives value to your brand and for this, you need to be on their phone, on their computer and have a real 24/7 concierge service available for them.

Custom Travel Clubs delivers technology, range of unmatched travel benefits, travel club fulfillment services, concierge service and everything you need to create, launch and market your own branded travel club.

-The opportunity for membership driven companies to earn brand loyalty while driving a new stream of high margin recurring revenues is very big. We have created a simple tool for you to be able to easily calculate the potential revenue of your membership travel benefits program. If you have an approximate idea of the price you would like to sell the memberships for, you can use this tool to calculate the potential ROI for your company:

4-The right price for the right audience.

The range of benefits you offer as part of your program as well as the price of the program are extremely important factors for a successful membership program. Your benefits program should answer your members’ travel needs and requirements and should be priced keeping in mind what they can spend on a monthly basis for such service.

Travel clubs typically ask for a one-time on-boarding fee that members have to pay to enter the club and a monthly or annual membership fee. On boarding fee can start as low as $50 to as high as $10,000 for high-end travel lifestyle clubs. The key is to understand your target market and build the membership program that matches with their way of life and buying power.

We suggest you to target a large base with a very attractive price and offer a couple of months with a very easy buyout option. This will help the potential customers to have no barrier to joining and enjoy benefits without any risks.

At Custom Travel Clubs, we customize our platform according to the requirements of the loyalty and membership based organizations. We provide freemium business model options as well as high-end luxury travel benefits packages. Our platform is versatile and this is the reason why we serve so many different types of travel clubs.

Travel Club Membership

5-Build a sharp online and offline sales and marketing strategy to support your membership sales and rapidly grow your recurring revenue while changing your members’ life and travel habits!

You need to be really good at marketing your new travel membership club and typically we see the following strategies work very well with our existing customers:

1-Cold call to existing members of your organization via call center backed up by digital voucher based email promotion: You send free voucher and help your existing Members sign-up online with one Month Free or 50% off on onboarding fee.

2-Email to your existing members with free voucher and discount schemes.

3-Create targeted social media advertising campaigns and generate quality leads among your existing social media followers, engage your community, give them discounts, create webinars to show demo of the benefits program.

4-Create user groups online and help the community advertise for the great benefits they found on the travel club to generate inbound leads.

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