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What is the target audience for a travel club?

The operating environment for travel clubs is constantly evolving. More frequent travel and more emerging markets present new opportunities for travel clubs. Membership only travel club can foster and enhance organizations’ brand image, increase their customer base and provide with a recurring and reliable source of revenue stream with margins as high as 40%.

But, do we understand what will bring success for travel clubs in today’s travel landscape? The fundamental dictum is: understand what actually drives customer behavior and rethink the role of the travel club program in delivering against it.

Travel clubs first need to understand what their customers truly value, and understand that they probably don’t all value the same things. This understanding can be achieved by segmenting the customer base properly: who are the different groups that often use your services? Do they have different travel profiles and needs, and what value do they bring to the company? Audience personas are an important tool for segmenting customers based on their interests and needs.

After creating audience persona, the next step is to carefully align the benefits offered: which benefits matter to whom? Use customer insights to drive the structure of the travel club program, developing tiers that match as closely as possible a given customer profile to their most valued customer experience elements. Finally, offer flexibility and breadth. One of the most common customer requests is for more control and a sense that they have access to a wide range of relevant travel benefits.

At Custom Travel Clubs, we conducted a survey of 3,000 travelers to come up with the target persona for Travel Clubs.

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