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Travel Europe By Train At A Discount This Summer With Rail Europe

Travellers heading to Europe this summer can save big with Rail Europe, the largest distributor of European rail products worldwide. Customers can enjoy a variety of discounts, from a sale on Eurail Passes and deals on international high speed trains. The full list of offers includes:

  • $50 off a 1st Class Eurail Global or Eurail Select Pass
  • Up to 55% off 1st Class TGV Lyria Tickets
  • 25% off a 1st class France-Spain High Speed rail ticket
  • Up to 30% off Eurostar Standard Premier tickets

Whether you’re headed from London to Provence, Paris to Barcelona, or have plans to travel by rail freely through 28 countries with a Eurail Global pass, Rail Europe helps travellers get to anywhere they want to go this summer – now at a discount.


Eurail Passes offer extensive travel on national rail networks across Europe, whether it is unlimited travel for all 28 participating countries with the Eurail Global Pass, or on a few favourites with the Eurail Select Pass. Between now and June 23, 2016, travellers will receive $50 off their booking of a  1st Class Eurail Global or Eurail Select Pass with coupon code 50EURAIL.


Indulge in the essence of France and Switzerland aboard the TGV Lyria, which runs between Paris, Lausanne, Bern, Geneva, Zurich, and Basel.

All international trains connecting France and Switzerland feature crisp, redesigned interiors and seating in your choice of spacious Economy Class (2nd class) and Premier Class (1st class).

Between now and June 13, 2016, travellers can receive up to 55% off 1st class tickets.


Serving major cities and cultural centres, France-Spain High Speedinternational trains are the easiest way to travel. The direct high speed connection between France and Spain allows travellers to seamlessly connect to 17 cities in France and Spain including Marseille in the French Riviera, Paris, and Lyon, to Barcelona, and Marseille to Madrid. Travel between Parisand Barcelona and enjoy city-centre to city-centre travel in just over 6 hours; ride from Barcelona to Toulouse in just over 3 hours; or venture from Spain’s capital, Madrid, to Marseille in just over 7 hours.

Between now and June 22, 2016, travellers will receive a 25% discount on first class France-Spain High Speed trains with coupon code FRANCESPAIN25. The minimum booking value for a ticket is $90 USD.


The Eurostar high speed train is the best way to travel between London and Paris, Brussels, Lyon, Avignon or Marseille and connect with rail services to over 100 destinations across Europe. Providing city-centre to city-centre convenience, a choice of frequent departures, and the comfort of Standard Premier service, including a light at-seat meal service, Eurostar caters to the unique needs of the modern traveller.

Between now and June 22, 2016, travellers can receive up to 30% off Eurostar Standard Premier tickets when purchased from Rail Europe for travel between July 18 and September 18, 2016.

While in London, celebrate Her Majesty’s 90th birthday with the locals and revel in Great Britain’s excitement as Queen Elizabeth upholds the longest-reign as a monarch in British History.

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