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Travel Industry Experts Tell You How You Can Enrich Customer Experience

How can the travel and hospitality industry connect the customer journey dots to ensure a holistic and connected journey for the customer? How can they guarantee a perfect experience for each and every one of their customers?

Learn from the travel industry experts!

Abigail Comber, British Airways’ Head of Customer discusses what lies ahead for customer experience and the challenges facing the industry: Customers are very savvy shoppers with a real mix and match mentality on everything from grocery to fashion retail. The challenge is to always be at the top of the consideration list to ensure you become the first thought at a time of purchase. A lot of those decisions are based on what happened on the last experience or peer feedback, so making every person on every trip feel special is at the top of our agenda.

Denisa Spinkova, Senior Director, Brand Management EMEA at The Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group discusses brand consistency in delivering memorable guest experiences: Developing a guest-centric culture is critical. The synchronisation of brands, people, our guests and responsible business operation sets a strong foundation to building customer loyalty.

Nick Mercer, Commercial Director at Eurostar emphasizes the importance of building an emotional connect with the customers: “Every consumer brand is striving really hard now to build a strong emotional engagement. I think what you’re seeing, sector by sector, that brands historically were built on lots of functional benefits, you know, my product is faster or better or whatever else, and actually most of those things can be replicated. So for us, the thing that we’re absolutely putting all our efforts into, is building a stronger emotional engagement. But to do that it’s customers who choose, customers choose what relationships they want to have, it’s not companies. And so you have to understand customers, and react to different groups in different ways, and do as much as you can, to get the permission to have that.”

Reuben Arnold, Senior Vice President – Marketing & Customer Experience at Virgin Atlantic says Digital Marketing is completely changing the customer expectations’ landscape and the brands need to incorporate that strategy to be able to provide an unparalleled experience to customers: “Customers are always on, always connected, and they expect that digital experience to continue from the moment they think about it to the moment that they get off the plane at the other end. For us it’s thinking about how do we weave much more of a digital experience into what has traditionally been a very physical experience when our customers are on board the flight.”

Mariana Machado, Customer Behaviour Director, Accor Hotels talks about the importance of using customer data when predicting behaviours within hospitality: “An effective data strategy means that the CX strategy can be differentiated and personalised to each customer. We need to provide the right information so the people could do their job. So the more that I know about the customer, then more I can understand them. The more I can identify with them and more I can offer to make it a better experience. If the staff has the pieces of information about the customer, they can totally change their experience. Hospitality is all about offering a great experience to the customers so they will enjoy and will feel welcome to come back.”

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