UK Hotel Searches Soar Following Brexit Vote

50% + increase in travelers searching for UK hotel deals
Hotels now available for half the price of 2015 average

The Brexit vote and subsequent drop in the value of the pound has sparked huge demand from travelers looking to grab a vacation bargain across the pond, with hotel searches for UK destinations up over 50% year-on-year, according to lodging expert

With the pound at a three-decade low compared to the US dollar, Britain is now a great value destination for Americans, and travelers are wasting no time in seeking out the best deals out there.

Searches by American travelers post Brexit, have increased by a whopping 50% year-on year. Moreover, the UK is a top international destination for Americans based on company data. It’s no secret that Americans have a real fondness for British accents, their TV shows, their pubs and the Royal family, so with the strong dollar travelers can act fast to turn that dream into a reality.

As we head into peak summer season, Americans eyeing up a trip to the UK will want to lock in their hotel reservation now, while they are getting a real bargain. With the British pound at a 30-year low, it means now is the time to go.

Hotels for half the price
The Hotel Price Index for 2015 showed that US travelers paid on average $257 per night for a hotel in London. However following the Brexit vote, certain hotel deals available to American travelers are almost half that price.

For example, a top 5 star hotel in London’s West End is available for customers of from as little as $131 per room per night and that’s during peak travel season in August. Even better deals are available on 4 star central London hotels, with prices as low as $82 per room per night in August.

Top London Hotel Deals

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