Why Are Travel Clubs Emerging as a Blessing for Solo Sojourners?

Solo travel trend is on the rise. Earlier, vacation used to go hand in hand with family or group of friends. But thanks to the changing economy and the millennials’ trends, solo travel trend has been catching up for all good reasons. Traveling solo allows more freedom to the individual and a greater opportunity to experience something of value. The 2015 Visa Global Travel Intentions study also pointed out to this change. (Source) Over 13,000 travelers from 25 different countries were surveyed and the stats showed that 24% of the travelers traveled alone on their recent trip. This is 10% more than that in 2013. So clearly, solo sojourners are creating a huge demand for their need-based vacation packages to fulfil their travel requirements. As a result, travel clubs have emerged as the sole caterer of this new breed of travelers. Here are the reasons why these travel club platforms have become the best bet for solo travelers –

  1. Specialty tours

Many travel clubs have mapped the single-traveler market by offering the specialty tours which cater to them solely. The tours are customized while keeping in mind the needs of solo travelers. The best thing is that you will be traveling with other fellow solo travelers who share the same goal as yours. The travel companies are utilizing this fact to offer solo travel-oriented tours.

  1. Ready-made friends

For those travelers who want to travel solo but not alone can have respite now. The membership-driven economy is focused on customizing itinerary based on the interest of their members as well as providing them with the perk of having friends. Usually, a group of ten people or less from different backgrounds or countries can go on a trip customized by the travel club. So you have got ready-made friends to explore a new place with or try new adventure sport. You don’t have to hold back with the fear of going anywhere alone anymore. As a travel firm, you can offer a customized itinerary under travel loyalty programs exclusively for your solo travel clients.

  1. Logistics and convenience

Convenience is one of the most underrated aspects of solo travel. Most of the people don’t want to go through the hassle of looking for decent accommodations or endless hunt for picking the best restaurant. The travel clubs sort it all out for the solo travelers. They understand that traveling alone can be confusing and lead to complications. This is why, they carefully pick suitable accommodation options, organize local transport and do whatever is possibly needed on a solo trip. Your clients can focus on your trip rather than getting burdened with making arrangements.

  1. Safety

For women who are looking to travel solo, travel clubs are a true blessing. They provide with the assistance 24/7 over the email, phone or text so that you know that they have your back. Since you are traveling solo in a group, you will feel more safe and secure. As a company, your global clients can enjoy the flexibility and freedom or travel without taking risks under the travel club white label program.

  1. Assistance

When you are traveling solo, it is easy to fall into the tourist trap. Travel clubs help you avoid all that by offering travel guides and assistance. The travel clubs not only design the itinerary but also guide them at every step during the trip. As a travel company, you can offer your clients with the topmost level of assistance in various aspects such as medical emergency, natural calamity, booking activities and more. Private medi-jet services and doctor-on-the-go are some exclusive perks that you can offer only to your members.

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