Wonder-Breaks – Get a group package tailored for you

If you think that planning a group trip requires just a quick and easy point-and-click, then think again. Customizing a group vacation can be a tall order. Just like our shoes or suits, many travelers want their trip made-to-measure. This is why, Custom Travel Clubs has come up with an exclusive group package like no other – Wonder-Breaks.

Wonder-Breaks, as the name suggests, is not just your regular vacation break but a carefully planned and customized vacation to ensure that all your preferences are met. Since the demand for customized vacations is rising sharply, the Wonder-Break groups are designed to fulfill that. They are aimed to deliver a well-curated experience for all types of travelers. Wonder-Breaks are ideal for those who are seeking highly specialized trips with a desire to explore the unexplored at their own pace. The travel experts at Custom Travel Clubs curate the itinerary after in-depth research of selected properties, locations, and adventure spots. You can expect exclusive benefits and special surprises to make the most of your Wonder-Break.

The majority of adventurers have precious little time to explore a new land or take a vacation. Wonder-Breaks are ideal for such travelers as they aim to give them exactly what they want. The experts who create the itinerary for Wonder-Breaks groups will assist in all ways to make your vacation truly a dream trip. Unlike other group holidays, Wonder-Breaks get you access to all the privileges, perks and services that imply. Our partnerships with the finest travel providers, airlines, hotels, car rentals and others in our network allow us to plan the perfect luxury group package for you.

The specialized knowledge of our experts is continuously put to test while planning your group trip. This is why Wonder-Breaks are different from others. The experiences are deeper and immersive on all levels for our member travelers. You will embark on a journey with new avenues and like-minded people. There will be no room for boredom. The members of Wonder-Breaks group can aspire, collaborate and choose their preferences for bespoke experiences. There will be no limits to expert-curated group experiences such as guided tours, food walks, museum hopping, nightclubbing, adventure sports, street food explorations, hiking, scuba diving and more. You can meet the locals, gorge on savory foods, explore new landmarks, secluded beaches, adventure activities, find hidden trails, indulge in souvenir shopping and more on our truly wondrous group holidays.

Those who are nervous about change or find solo trips daunting, this one is perfect for them. Wonder-Breaks allow you to explore new lands and dimensions in the vicinity of others belonging to the same interest group as you. This not only doubles up the fun factor but also make you feel safe. Whether you are an adventure junkie or a beach bum or a nature lover, you can count on us for curating your dream trip into a reality. By allowing our experts to customize your group vacation, you have our guarantee of a well-planned and totally immersive trip at each and every stop, every time.

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