Wonder-Breaks – Group Trips Like Never Before

Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them and it will change you.” – Amy Poehler

That’s the magic of being in the company of those who share same interests as you do. Traveling alone is not for everyone. Some people want to go on a trip to make new memories with the world out there. They don’t want to churn through 20 countries in 10 days and be done with it. It may look like a big deal and appear good in your Instagram profile. But for many people, travel is all about embracing new cultures, exploring new lands and learning new things.

Many people want to take it slow when it comes to traveling. They want to devour every experience at a slow pace. They want to meet the locals, make new friends, explore cool secret spots and most importantly discover real-life experiences. The travelers these days are not ready to accept the pre-packaged standard offering off the shelf. They want their travel experience to be customized. As a result, the travel trend has shifted to accommodate the demand of exclusive trips.

Traveling in groups with similar interests and age group to share the mutually exclusive experiences is the new solace for adventure seekers. Keeping this in mind, Custom Travel Clubs has come up with a unique offering for its members – Wonder-Breaks. As the name suggests, it is no ordinary sort of travel break. This is solely meant for the members who yearn for a deeper experience. It is a lot different from regular group trips that are on an existing schedule with random strangers.I What makes Wonder-Breaks unique is offering firsthand experiences with people who share similar interests as yours. It is more internal you can say. Unlike the group trips that leave people with next to nothing experiences and bland offerings, this is one-of-a-kind break. A wondrous one, indeed.

Wonder-Breaks are carefully designed to facilitate an immersive experience for each member of the group. Nothing is just pre-set and repetitive. It is not like following the existing itineraries which may or may not work for every member of the group. Instead, the aim of Wonder-Breaks to create a new custom group exclusively for the members and sometimes even on the spot. The trip is designed in a way that the members not only enjoy that but also turn into brand advocates.

The itinerary or experience is not limited by imagination at Custom Travel Clubs. That’s why we choose the selected properties, locations, inclusions and activities to narrow down a realistic plan. We ensure at every step that this satisfies the needs of a group or the family. As creative as we can get, our itineraries allow members to collaborate with like-minded travelers. There are options to modify the itinerary/ activities with the immediate access to our group planning experts. There is a host of experiences waiting for you to be discovered in a group. Experience the world with people your age and interests to enjoy cultural immersion, historical sightseeing, guided tours, adventure sports, food walks, local legends and more. Get ready to get into the world you are waiting to discover with Wonder-Breaks.

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